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Friday, May 7th, 2010
11:59 pm
Blowing this popsicle stand
So Julia has been extremely gracious and agreed to migrate over to Dreamwidth: http://slogsmab.dreamwidth.org/

Any of you guys who are interested in joining, either to read or to post, just email me and I'll give you a Dreamwidth invite code. Other than that, I intend to keep this community friended on my LJ friend list, but unless the Dreamwidth thing doesn't work out, I probably won't be posting here. This group has been seriously useful and awesome, but the loud video ads on LJ finally drove me round the bend. Thanks for making the move, Julia! I hope that anyone else who's interested in reading or logging their days doesn't find it too much of a hassle to change platforms. Catch y'all on the flip side!
Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
12:22 am

* Got groceries.
* Made breakfast.
* Transcribed two audio files, about 50 minutes total.

That's it! Another lovely long weekend day at home with K. We needed it.
Thursday, January 7th, 2010
3:52 pm
If Julia can post to Slogsmab considering everything she's been going through, I sure as hell oughtta be able to. I've been logging all my work on ididwork.com, but I think these daily wrap-up posts are really useful for keeping me focused on what I have and haven't done, so I'm going to try to get back in the habit of making them (and not leaving them for a week and then doing seven at a stretch; that's just silly.)


* Sent off the South Pacific script (which I started prepping the previous afternoon) at 3:00am, then went to bed.
* Went out and got breakfast groceries.
* Made breakfast for me and K. (boiled eggs, toast, and tater tots)
* Took the train down to 110th street, then rode my scootypuff across the park to catsit our friend's cat.
* Picked up some drugstore supplies and deposited my check on the way.
* Went down to my first ASL class at the Sign Language Center. Discovered that a client and Twitter friend of mine was in the same class! Promised that I wasn't stalking him. It looks like it's gonna be a really great class, though. The teacher is fantastic.
* Rode my scootypuff back to the West Side.
* Came home and consulted with K. about the redesign she did for my website. It looks kickass.
* Emailed the founder of the American Association of Musicians with Hearing Loss about their prospective NYC concert, offering my CART services at a discounted rate (because I really wanna see the concert).
* Emailed my student who said he'd write me a testimonial but has been so far too busy to do so, telling him to take his time on it.
* Emailed the CART provider I'm meeting on Monday to show her how I edit transcripts from my steno machine.
Friday, October 9th, 2009
10:44 pm
Week of sluggery continues.

* CARTed three classes.

* Went to the Financial District and met all the people at the ophthalmology company for the first time. That was really fun, actually. They're very sweet. They lent me one of those ancient mini-tape players with the foot pedal.

* Edited and sent off six transcripts.

* Transcribed one audio file, 39 minutes total.

* Turned down a CART job because it sounded like a nightmare and I was having a really intense day of work and test-taking the day before. Maybe that makes me stupid, because it would have been a fair amount of money, but I was dreading the very thought of doing it, so eh.

* Got the invitation to send a proposal for a different CART job, which sounds really fun. I've worked for the client twice before and always really enjoy it. So I hope I get it.

* Invoiced for Cabaret prep.

* Posted to the Broadcast Captioners Yahoo Group about editing from my steno machine.

* Won $5 from a $1 scratch-off ticket.
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
9:11 am
 Yesterday was not as productive as it should have been. Every time I checked my email, it seemed like someone was giving me more work to do. So I started feeling sort of overwhelmed and didn't get down to work as efficiently as I should have. 

* CARTed five classes.

* Did some tech support for K.'s grandma.

* Downloaded the Cabaret Broadway Revival album from Amazon, prepped the script to Cabaret, and sent it off. (I already knew the music pretty much by heart, but I'd lost my copy of the Original Cast album somewhere, so I thought this would be a good excuse to buy it again.)

* Did some work-related emailing, including to the Python tutor guy, who seems funny and awesome.

* Wrote two posts to Depoman. I think this counts as work, since it's networking within the industry, but sometimes it feels like slack. Same with Twitter, though I try hard to keep my Twitter persona boring and professional and germane to deafness/CART/captioning/steno/disability issues. I dunno. I guess if it becomes a problem I'll try to cut down, but I think it helps me establish a presence in a very small and fairly isolated community.

* Got a call from the transcription company. They want me to go pick up a mini-tape recorder, turn it into an mp3, and transcribe it. I said I would. Urgh. Dunno how much I should charge for the process. I tried to tell them how to digitize it, but they were too intimidated.

* Got cat food and other assorted groceries.
Thursday, October 1st, 2009
11:36 am

It's me, Mirabai! I'm at my new coworking space a block from the university I work at, and it's beautiful here. I've made a rule for myself that I won't open Firefox while I'm here; if I want to slack, I have to do it on my phone or I have to go to McDonald's and pay $3 for it. So while I'm here, it's Chrome-only. To prevent myself from getting distracted, I'm going to keep chevdelachar (slogsmab-only) signed in on Chrome and askeladden (all other LJ stuff) signed in on Firefox. I'm hoping to post updates about the previous day every morning when I get to work, as a sort of checklist to begin the day. So yesterday:

* CARTed five classes.

* Got an email from the disability coordinators at one of the universities I sent my resume to in the summer, saying that he might need CART for two hours on a weekend day this month. Emailed him back saying I'd be delighted. Here's hoping!

*  Prepped a play, sent it off, and invoiced for it.

* Transcribed one audio file, about 10 minutes long, and invoiced for it and the other files I've transcribed for that company in the last two weeks of September.

* Edited one transcript and sent it off.

* Read a few Academy documents but didn't finish the lesson.

* Did some assorted work-related emailing.
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
11:47 pm
Good gentles!  I am back.  Back, back, back!  And much has changed.  I have moved (to a truly awesome place a block and half from my old place.)  My sister has moved in with me.  Everything is hooked up and working.  I had some stuff accepted here http://www.ravennapress.com/alba/ and here http://www.14by14.com/Issue10/index.html.  The company that I was writing reading comprehension passages for ran out of money so that particular writing job came to an end (not, though, before i had had the chance to write about all of your suggestions!) This brings us to today, in which I:

2639 words on The Great Soul Market Crash

Helped lead kickoff session for this year's catechumenate at church.  It looks like a really great group of people, from a wide variety of backgrounds - I'm really looking forward to this year.

Heard back from the job:
No.  It was kind of depressing.  I keep getting to the last round of interviews, but never get selected. So I said "Screw this" and am going to:

Start a business:
It will be awesome! It started from my and my sister's need to acquire furniture and various household items, but having no good thrift stores in the DC area.  We scoured Craigslist, and picked up things here and there, but the deficiency stuck with me.  There are a couple of high-end vintage clothing shops, and a number of antique shops, but the good thrift stores are mostly out in the suburbs. 

Then I considered my neighborhood. There are three main demographics.  There are the yuppies moving in; they have money but not so much money they can afford to live in a nicer part of town.  Yuppies love artsy stuff.  There are the middle-class families who have owned their houses for a while and take quite an amount of pride in them and in how unique they are.  There are the lower-income families, some in public housing and some not, who don't really have a source of inexpensive clothing or household furnishings unless they trek across town or out to the suburbs.  So clearly, a well-curated thrift shop is called for. I know just the location, too.  It's next to two coffee shops, a yoga studio, a liquor store, and a convenience mart.  

However, bricks-and-mortar is really expensive.  I thought about trying to start online, but I think that would be quite difficult to make money on unless I'm selling antiques and collectibles, which is not what I'm interested in learning about or doing.  I'm more interested in "cool stuff", refurbished or repurposed items. So instead I think I will start here: http://www.easternmarket.net/.  The flea market runs every saturday, and there are similar booths there, but none doing exactly what I propose for Etcetera Etcetera. (That's the name of my store-to-be.)

I won't do consignment at the market.  Instead, I will sell small furniture and household items that have particular artistic interest.  I'll sell books, clothes, kitchen gadgets, coffee tables, bar stools.  Where will I get the inventory? Consider DC.  What's the average time people stay here, three years?  There are moving sales practically every weekend, where you can pick things up for ridiculously cheap because people just want them out of their hair before they get posted to Sri Lanka or Paraguay. I will pick things up, take them home, fix them up, improve on ones that need improving on (more ideas to follow) and then resell them.  Also, Anna is working on getting a connection with her hat-weaving women in Ecuador, because their creations would certainly sell here.  That wouldn't be something for us to make money off of, but it would be a great side-line.

Anyway, tomorrow's plans: Draw up a business plan, ideally for starting the Sunday after next or possibly three Sundays from now.  If I can make enough to make rent every month, I'll be quite satisfied; if it turns out to be a success I'll try to go bricks-and-mortar.  Man, I don't know why I didn't think of this before!  Maybe an office job was like braces - I had to have them to realize I didn't need to have them in the first place. (But the savings cushion was very nice, I'll give it that.)
Monday, September 21st, 2009
11:43 pm

* Met a woman who found me online. She goes to my steno school and has almost passed her last test. She's interested in becoming a CART provider. She bought me lunch and I talked for ages about all the stuff I like going on about, showed her my gear, and said that while I was very happy to answer any questions she might have on an ongoing basis, I wasn't really interested in training anyone, since I was a lone wolf free agent type chick. But I told her about the woman who mentored me, who I think is interested in establishing a long-term business situation with newbie CART providers, so I hope that works out.

* Took some of the minutes I wouldn't be using now that my mom's in the city for the next month or so off my phone, and signed up for tethering. Though, as I found out today, apparently my phone has some kind of problem where it won't work. I'll keep trying various solutions, but according to what I've Googled, it doesn't look all that promising.

* Got groceries, went home, edited transcripts, helped cook dinner, watched TV with K. (Yay, The Office is back!), and stayed up until way too late prepping a really play script that was due the next morning.


* Went to the Farmer's Market and brought my mom lots of lovely stuff for a salad, including purple basil, plus fig rugelach. Hung out with her for a little while.

* Went back to the Farmer's Market and also the Lincoln Center Gourmet Garage (which is new and has a much more sanity-friendly layout than the other two) and got us some good stuff for dinner, then went home and cooked it and had a lovely mellow evening with K.


* Did four loads of laundry.

* Had brunch with K. and K.'s mom at the latter's apartment. Was gonna drop by and pick up my mom so she should come with us, but she was still jetlagged.

* Came home briefly, then went out to Steeleye Span concert! Yay! Pluses: The band was great! Our tablemate was an elderly woman with a long gray ponytail who never once said anything to us or even looked at us and just bopped along to the band while knitting. Much, much better than the first table the waitress led us to, which was full of four random middle aged people in the middle of the room and completely cramped and claustrophobic. Also, I had a steak with a side salad and K. had a big salad topped with steak, and we both enjoyed our food greatly. Minuses: The reason our table was empty except for the charming old lady was because our line of sight was blocked by a big pillar, so we basically had to watch the band from the TV screens instead of seeing them directly. Also, about 20 minutes before the end of the show a big cockroach crawled out on our table and K. got pretty freaked out. I tried to get it but it scuttled away before I could. It did not make a reappearance, thankfully.


* Transcribed two audio files, about an hour all together. Had to go to McDonald's to send the first one off. Sent the second one off when I got home.

* CARTed five classes and edited/sent off the transcripts for four of them.

* Wrestled with my phone and the tethering thing. Grr.

* Called my mom and dad and K.

* Sent off the easy invoice but not the hard important one that's for lots of money and that will take forever but that I've seriously got to get to right away argh. But on the plus side, my checks seem finally to be coming in. Deposited one for $200 yesterday and got another one for $200 today. Yay!

* Filled up the cat fountain.
Sunday, September 13th, 2009
11:55 pm
I have conquered the Closetpocalypse of Doom! And also cleaned up the living room, which has been hideously messy and depressing for weeks. It feels so good! I haven't been posting here because I feel like my life has gotten kind of monotonous since I went back to CARTing. I just do classes, edit transcripts, go home and sleep. Rinse, repeat. But today was good. I took down the giant bag of pillows to K.'s mom and returned with a gift of two big plastic bins (she's so sweet), which I filled with random detritus and out of season clothes. The other two giant bags that had been filling up my closet were full of clothes to give away and spare bedsheets. I crammed most of the bedsheets in our foot locker and put the rest of the bags in the corner of the living room, where we'll deal with them eventually. But now my closet has space for a small plastic bag of clean clothes, my giant sea bag full of dirty clothes, my backpack, and my newly regained sanity. It feels so good being able to open my closet and even -- gasp -- take something out of it without the entire thing collapsing and requiring a 15-minute stacking and shoving operation to get the door to close. The living room looks vastly better too, and I even cleaned off my desk. Woo!
Friday, September 4th, 2009
11:07 pm
Today was a good day.

* Woke up early to tell the firm I work with that the student canceled the class. They wrote back saying that they hadn't heard it from the Disability Office, so I should go in anyway. Had to leave right then, so didn't get a shower. Made it in time and sat on my ass for the duration, of course, because the student didn't show up. Like he'd told me he wouldn't.

* CARTed his one remaining Friday class. Difficult terminology (it's on the History of Islam, so there are a lot of Arabic words), but the professor speaks really slowly, so I did pretty well.

* Met K. for lunch and then walked through the park, took the train up to her friend's house in Spanish Harlem, fed and watered her friend's cats and plants and hung out there for a little bit, then walked in the park a bit more while K. took pictures.

* Got groceries, including delicious hard Irish cider.

* Took the garbage down.

* Helped K. make dinner (heated up spinach-mozzarella stromboli I got from the Farmer's Market yesterday, then made a big tomato, cucumber, olive, and feta salad with K.'s mindblowingly delicious salad dressing.)

* Played a game of Grave Robbers from Outer Space and got creamed. Really fun, though.

* Did a couple work emails and added a bunch of work-relevant people to my Twitter stream. Ho-hum.
Monday, August 31st, 2009
11:07 pm
* Transcribed one audio file, 28 minutes long

* Got a phone call from one of the UN contacts because I forgot to answer an email. Felt really stupid. I don't usually do that.

* Invoiced The Bacchae, the sign language firm (calling and emailing them about a rate issue, but because they didn't answer back, just filling it in the way I thought it should be and sending it off.), and the ophthalmology journal.

* Emailed the ophthalmology journal asking for a testimonial, got a great one, and made a testimonials page! Yay! Only two on there so far, but it's a start. Four people have taken my survey, but only one left a comment. Oh well. They've mostly rated me pretty well, at least. Also updated my front page to make it somewhat snappier-looking.

* Got a phone call from my Montana bank telling me that they couldn't do the wire transfer because the signature I sent them didn't look like the one they had on file, which I'd provided when I was 17. Could not for the life of me remember how I signed my name when I was 17. Had to call my mom and ask her to go down to the bank and send the money instead. Felt really stupid. She did it, though, which meant I was able to pay the rent today.

* Paid the rent, talked a little more with Hercules the super's German Shepherd, and also took down a bunch of recycling.

* Upgraded Eclipse, Teleview, and Bridge and then freaked out because suddenly my Bluetooth wasn't working. Wrestled with it hysterically for several hours, called tech support, ranted and raved, then finally decided to use USB for the time being. Not happy about this. Will try to fix it tomorrow. Sigh.

* Emailed Sumana to say that we'll do our damnedest to make Leonard's birthday party.

* Got word that the class I was really excited about, both for the subject matter and awesome professor and for the reason I rot13'd yesterday, was being switched to a different one in a different building, which will involve a fair amount of manic packing up, running around, and setting up in a hurry. Sigh.

* Made eggs and toast.

* Got an email from a random court reporting firm about providing CART on Wednesday and Thursday but had to email back and say I couldn't do it because that's when the UN gigs are.

* Emailed a sign language interpreting firm to be put on their mailing list.
Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
11:52 pm
I have fallen behind on my slogsmabbing yet again. Okay.


* Installed my dongle, which arrived from Hong Kong. It is small and seems to work beautifully. Hurray for my Hong Kong dongle.

* Called the computer repair place, but the computer wasn't ready yet.

* Played many games of Grave Robbers from Outer Space with K.

* Sent names of other CART providers to people who wanted me to cover classes I couldn't cover.

* Got groceries.

* Made tuna salad.

* Sent survey to three people, then realized survey was busted and quickly fixed it before any of them filled it out.

* Transcribed a 20 minute long audio file.

* Set up my new StenoKnight Twitter feed and started... ugh... tweeting various work-centered, work-safe things. Browsed around adding likely people. This stuff is so intimidating, but I suppose it must be done.

* Furthering my mission of total social networking domination, sent LinkedIn requests to many, many potentially helpful people. Several accepted, which I guess is cool.


* Rode my scooter up the hill to get coffee and croissants, and talked to my mom on the way.

* Was informed that one of my students was dropping all his classes and would be adding new ones. Tried hard not to freak out. Emailed relevant people about opening in my schedule. Told myself that this happens almost every semester, and it will really be okay.

* Deleted all those classes from my Google calendar, one by one.

* Went to my ASL lesson, scooting from the West Village to the East and back again once I was finished. Good class, though a little more low key than previous ones. Worked on loan signs, which are hella hard to do.

* Answered a Python tutor's Craigslist ad. Told him my schedule was in flux, but I'd love to meet with him in the next few weeks. He wrote back right away and seems pretty cool.

* Helped K. make chicken/bean/rice tacos with guacamole. Yum.

* Transcribed one audio file, around 25 minutes long.

* Downloaded Julia's ghost story. Definitely have to read and respond ASAP. Eep!


* Downloaded an audio file to transcribe for next week.

* Printed up the script to the play I previewed tonight.

* Got offers of several new classes, effectively filling up my schedule to the brim. This could be very good, if a bit stressful. Had to write the school I really like working for to tell them I couldn't do any classes (after previously telling them my openings and updating them several times, with the adding and the dropping and the hullabaloo). Felt bad, but they had several days to come up with a plan -- not to mention all last semester -- so it was just a first-come, first-served kind of deal.

* Unsubscribed from automatic transcription job emails. Never did any of those jobs anyway.

* Went and picked up my computer. Yay!

* Wrote a bunch more work emails.

* Previewed the show I'm captioning on Saturday.
9:08 am
Well, I have been up to DC for an interview and a househunt, both of which went pretty well - we'll see about the outcome in the next few days, I guess - and now I have all my family here with me in NC, so I doubt I'll be posting for a while.  Sorry, Pepys.  Don't know how you did it.  Now off to make waffles.
Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
11:54 pm
* Printed up the Bacchae script

* Took down two bags of garbage and one of recycling

* Took my scooter to the post office (forgetting it was Sunday, d'oh) and the grocery store and got lots of groceries

* Designed and ordered a silly T-shirt

* Went to the Bacchae preview in Central Park

* Rode my scooter home from the A train and picked up some Band-aids for K., who hurt her foot

Ticking down the days to when my schedule gets crazy again... But tomorrow should be relatively mellow, I hope, and maybe I'll be able to pick up my computer. Here's hoping.
12:15 am
* Was going to visit K.'s grandma, but K. wasn't feeling well and there was massive rain and train brokenness, so we turned around and went home halfway to her grandma's place.

* Got groceries (including health-restoring Jewish deli food) and, in a separate trip, beer and ginger ale.

* Called my mom and got a call from my brother.

* Transferred my work log from Twitter to IDidWork.com.

* Erased all my previous Twitter posts and made my Twitter feed public so I could start using it for work-related updates. (It's here, if any of you are interested.)

* Emailed former-client-now-friend about maybe going to the ASL poetry slam this Thursday and also asked him if he would write a brief testimonial for my website. (Haven't heard back. I hope he doesn't hate me forever.)

* Washed sheets, towels, and big blue blanket. (Three loads. Have to get more quarters tomorrow.)

* Emptied out the cabinets that K.'s been freaked out by for several weeks because the bugs had invaded. Found two dead ones and two live ones. Dispatched them. Cleaned all surfaces and disposed of all open containers.

* Washed all the dishes that were in the cabinets.

* Made dinner (roasted carrots, rice, and stuffing.)

* Wrote Client Satisfaction Survey, but haven't sent it to anyone yet. Is is okay? Is there anything I should change? I think I'm going to send out personal emails to one or two people I know really well and maybe send the survey link to some people I've worked with but know less well. But is it too annoying and generic and impersonal? Agh, this stuff makes me crazy.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, August 22nd, 2009
12:07 am
* Prepped the script for the play I'm captioning next Sunday

* Scheduled the preview for that play and for the one I'm captioning next Saturday

* Downloaded two transcription files, due in the middle of the week

* Called the repair place about my laptop. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up on Monday!

* Resigned from the two transcription firms I worked for this summer, without burning any bridges (though it would be even better if I could get remote CART jobs next summer rather than transcription jobs)

* Took down the garbage and recycling

* Made a big Greek salad for dinner
Friday, August 21st, 2009
12:48 am
I did almost nothing today.

* Wrote a bunch of business emails and some personal emails.

* Updated my Google Calendar.

* Did a little bit of script prepping. A very little bit.

* Took a bath and read Absurdistan.

* Lazed about in the heat, playing Bubble Spinner and listening to the Savage Lovecast.

* Practiced Bach with my harpsichordist.

* Bought a baguette.

* Called my parents.

* Ate the delicious dinner K. made for us. Mmmm, green heirloom tomatoes and lemon basil.

* Wrote a post on Depoman asking about the etiquette of getting testimonials from clients. Would love to hear opinions on this from you guys. I'm stymied.

Using my mother-in-law's computer and therefore not being able to use ManicTime has made me seriously lazy. Also, I'm kind of nervous about the next few weeks. I've got a lot of work lined up, which is very, very good, but it's always such a jolt shifting between lackadaisical freelance set my own schedule summer days and the whole getting up at a particular hour and having to be places school year thing.
Thursday, August 20th, 2009
12:02 am
* The people who originally contacted me about the UN job on the 2nd, in the evening (not to be confused with the people who contacted me about the UN job on the 2nd in the daytime) and then later said they had found a different CART provider? They called me, and they want me for a UN job on the 3rd, in the afternoon. Okay!

* Got a call about possibly substituting for a CART provider in Newark, just a few scattered classes she couldn't cover. They conflicted with my schedule, so I said no. Just as well; didn't really want to go to Newark.

* Got an email about possibly CARTing for six classes at K.'s university this fall, for a student I've worked with before and who I really like. Wrote back saying I'd love to, but I was a bit concerned about timing, since one of my classes in Brooklyn ends at 2:50 and one of his classes on the Upper East Side starts at 3:45. But maybe it'll work. Who knows? It would be cool if at least some of them worked out.

* Transcribed one interview, 25 audio minutes total. (Oh, forgot to mention earlier how long yesterday's two files were: one hour, 36 minutes, all together.)

* Went out and got breakfast groceries in the morning and beer and coconut water in the evening.

* Downloaded two play scripts to prep.

* Ordered peppermint tea and Grave Robbers from Outer Space over the internet.
Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
2:12 pm
Yesterday was hard.

* Woke up realizing that I had to record my ASL teacher's questions on video and send them to him as soon as possible, but since my computer was in the shop, I had to use K.'s.

* She realized that her webcam drivers weren't set up properly, and when she tried to reinstall them, they sent her computer into a cycle of repeating errors and boot-up blarfings.

* I was mortified and felt awful at breaking her computer. I thought maybe this was due to her having used her mom's computer's installation CD's instead of her own (because she couldn't find them when she got her hard drive last week), so I thought I had broken her computer by making her install the webcam drivers and so I ripped the place apart looking for them in every bin and bag and terrifying avalanche of stuff in my closet.

* I didn't find them, but meanwhile she'd gotten it back to its previous state (sans webcam drivers) and said I should stop looking for the CDs because it was making her nervous. I did, reluctantly, but still had to wrestle the avalanche of stuff in my closet back into shape so that I could close the door.

* When she asked me why I had that look on my face I explained that it was because of my recent closet wrestling match, but she interpreted this as a request to put some of the stuff in my closet into hers so I would have more room, and kindly offered to take it. At the thought of destabilizing my precariously won homeostasis I burst into tears and had a meltdown. (This probably had to do with a lot of stuff other than my recent closet battles, but whatever caused it, it wasn't pretty.)

* She talked me down gently and sweetly until I felt more or less human again. I emailed my ASL teacher to tell him I couldn't record the video.

* I pulled myself together, got on the subway (the train at my stop has been busted all week, and will probably be busted until at least the beginning of next week, so there was a bit of hassle there), walked across the Village, arrived at Whole Foods early (don't worry; I didn't buy anything. It's just where my ASL teacher asked me to meet for my lesson), and was able to transcribe one of my two urgent transcription files due the next day before my ASL lesson, even though my mother-in-law's computer only has two USB ports so I had to rewind by hand instead of using my foot pedal. But that was okay, because the interviewee spoke really slowly, so I didn't have to rewind that much.

* I had my ASL lesson, which was productive and interesting, and my teacher didn't care that I hadn't been able to record the questions. We recorded the questions there on his MacBook and played them back. I noticed that I break eye contact when I'm thinking, which is a total taboo in Deaf Culture, and resolved to do better; but it was all very instructive and useful.

* I walked back across the Village, bought exciting groceries from Gourmet Garage, and went home to help K. make delicious bruschetta with Comte and basil on the rest of the rosemary olive bread. We ate it and watched Dr. Who and were happy.

* Then I had to transcribe the second of my transcription files due the next day, this one an hour long, and I couldn't find the USB hub, but the interviewee for the that file spoke really, really quickly, so I couldn't really do without the foot pedal, so I tore open all the bins and bags I had rooted through earlier that day, including the closet avalanche of doom, looking for the USB hub instead of the discs. No luck there either. Finally I wound up using my tablet PC instead of the laptop, which actually worked fairly well. I should have just done that in the first place, but instead I had to put back all the stuff I'd dug out of the bins and stack everything up in my closet again. Ugh.

* I ordered a new Bluetooth dongle from Hong Kong.

* I superglued my tablet PC holder in place, because it had been flopping around for months and making me crazy.

* I finished the transcription file at around 4:00 in the morning, sent it off, and went to sleep.

* The next day I woke up feeling much happier.

Current Mood: much calmer
Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
11:18 am
Ever since coming back to NYC I have been seriously remiss on my slogsmabbing. A quick recap.


* Emailed a colleague about a misspelling in her listing on the NCRA CART directory

* Flew to NYC

* Helped K. make a delicious dinner, ate delicious dinner, crashed out for 12 hours


* Made scrambled eggs on bagels for breakfast

* Went out and bought a new kitchen garbage can, kitty litter, fish flakes, Greenies, toilet paper, shower curtain liner, and zucchini, tomatoes, and rosemary garlic bread from the farmer's market

* Picked up power cord from mother-in-law's apartment (she's lending me her computer while mine is in the shop) and gave her a hug

* Deposited paycheck

* Helped K. make dinner

* Transferred files from old computer to external hard drive

* Installed Total Eclipse on borrowed computer

* Paid $595 to Eclipse support to download upgrades

* Called support in a panic because the website wasn't letting me log in even though I'd just paid them six hundred freaking dollars. They were kind enough to FTP the update file to my stenoknight server

* Upgraded Eclipse on borrowed computer

* Emailed ASL teacher to postpone lesson


* Went to CART job at Hunter; it went really smoothly, and the borrowed computer worked great (yay)

* Dropped off old computer at repair shop

* Stopped by old steno school and dropped off business cards in case any students interested in CART wanted to talk to me; one of my favorite steno teachers saw me and recognized me by name, which was cool

* Ate delicious sushi at sushi place near steno school (this is not an accomplishment; I'm just bragging)

* Came home and lazed about in a stupor before ordering pizza, watching Dr. Who, and going to bed early (also not an accomplishment, but I really wasn't up for much else last night)
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